Dead Stock

Medical Products, Inc. would like to propose to your company a simple program to eliminate your Deadstock problems. This program is designed to allow you to sell your Deadstock inventory to Medical Products, Inc. at cost and receive cash in return!

Program Layout

  1. Send in your Deadstock to Medical Products, Inc. and invoice us at cost.
  2. Purchase from Medical Products, Inc. at regular dealer price.
  3. When prompt payment is received, we will then issue you a check for the difference between regular dealer price and Deadstock price. (Noted on invoice as Deadstock amount)
  4. Apply this check to the invoice in step 1. Before the Deadstock program is complete, the Deadstock amount and the Deadstock you send will be equal. Basically, you will be purchasing an amount such that the difference between regular dealer price and Deadstock price is equal to the amount of Deadstock you send.

The above examples assume lump sum purchases, but the program can be done through several purchases at your discretion. If the program is done through several purchases, your check will be sent for the Deadstock amount on each invoice and should be applied until Deadstock total is zero.

We feel this program is a unique opportunity to clear your shelves of dead inventory. Since your will be issuing this merchandise as a sale, you will be receiving a check for payment and not credit! In return you will be stocking your shelves with profitable merchandise, and eliminating any costly returns or restocking fees by the manufacturer.